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Drugs in Punjab

Drugs in Punjab: 80% of Punjabi youth takes drugs. The drug problem came to notice only a few years ago. The spark was present since past many years, but the fire spread only three or four years ago and it is destroying many houses in Punjab. According to our survey, 78% people say that users make their first contact with drugs through friends.

Awareness: We ran anti-drug program in Punjab for more than one month. We surveyed specific areas of Amritsar and found out the most commonly abused drugs. We then printed the negative facts about the specific drugs and distributed these to sangat including students of GNDU and Khalsa College. We also printed out the guidelines for rural parents to look out for their children. Around 20 thousand flyers, brochures, guidelines and pictures were printed to wake up the young generation by showing them the negative effects of consuming drugs.

We successfully completed the awareness campaign by hanging 28 huge Anti-Drug road Banners, distributing flyers outside of Harmander Sahib for 4 days and held a 2 day Anti-Drug campaign booth for students in Khalsa College, Amritsar.

Survey: We took 390 survey from the students of Khalsa college. Survey consists of 9 questions and result can be seen here.

Our goal was to study and educate the upcoming generation regarding the negative impact of DRUG Abuse on the society, their life and their families/relatives. Our Campaign successfully target the students of high schools and colleges and parents.

Awareness: Posters, Banners, advertisements in newspapers (Flyers leaflets). Advertising is the most effective way to get our word across the town. We completed the information booth distributing flyers, brochures, literature and parental guidebook in Khalsa College.

Drug Rehabilitation: Our campaign duty in collaboration with UNITED SIKHS was to take survey and find out the real scene of Drug abuse in Punjab.

Awareness: We successfully completed the awareness by hanging huge 28 Anti-Drug road Banners, distributing flyers outside of Harmander Sahib for 4 days and held 2 day Anti-Drug booth campaign for college in Khalsa College, Amritsar. We distributed total of 12000 flyers both in English and Punjabi. Rest of the flyers are in process of getting distributed along with state level newspaper (The Tribune, Times of India, Hindustan Times & Ajit).

Drug Rehabilitation: Our campaign in collaboration with UNITED SIKHS worked for two months getting survey form filled by students and we are very proud to say that we got all A to Z information regarding the abuse of Drugs & Alcohol around Amritsar and other border region/areas. We also surveyed all Rehab Clinics and their ways to treat the patient. UNITED SIKHS will carry their duty to work further on the future projects including the possible opening of Drug Rehab clinic in Punjab. Free to Public Drug Rehabilitation center is very much needed and it will only be helpful if we runs it with giving classes of Sikhi/Gurmat to addicts and bringing discipline by introducing Amritvela program, Sewa, paath, katha and kirtan in their lifestyle. and its sewadars are extending their hands to help any organization who wanted to work on this problem in Punjab. Our brothers and sisters back in Punjab need desperate help of ours to get rid of death angel roaming around their head day and night.

Thousands of Flyers we Distributed