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Charanjit Singh

Bhai Charanjit Singh from BCCategory: Social
Term: ShortTerm
Budget: >1200
Location: Gurdaspur, Punjab
Reference: Online Forums

A teacher of gatka, Bhai Charanjit Singh had been living in Canada for two years. During this time, he had trained over 700 students, helping to bridge the cultural gap between the Canadian youths of Punjabi-origin and Punjab.

Bhai Charanjit Singh was killed in a road accident at Vancouver, Canada, in May 2004. Besides him, Bhai Parminder Singh, head of Gurmat Studies Institute, Canada, and Bibi Reena Kaur, 17, a gatka student, also died in the accident. On 27th September 2005, Bhai Sahib’s family dealt with another unfortunate loss, with the passing away of Bhai Charanjit Singh’s father, Bhai Balkar Singh after suffering a heart attack.

In acknowledgement of the sewa of Bhai Charanjit Singh, 23, sangat donated Rs 57,400 to his family on Jan 9, 2006. Sikhs based across the globe from the UK to the USA and Canada contributed Rs 57,400 for his family through a project on SikhGiving website. The sewa was handed over to his mother on Jan 9, 2006.