Global Sikh Giving

Jaswinder Singh

Category: Health
Support Term: Long Term [Started August 2007]
Location: Chandigarh, Punjab
Reference: Newspaper Story

Jaswinder Singh used to fall unconscious while playing sports in school. Doctors diagnosed that both his kidneys were damaged, and will have to find a donor. His mother donated one kidney to Jaswinder Singh. Kidney transplant operation was conducted in 2007. Surgery was funded by selling off a small piece of land that his family owned, plus some donations. Very little money was left to continue medicines, so he took less medicines than prescribed. As a result of self medication Jaswinder developed complications, and had to be admitted to ICU. He came back home but needed to be on medicine for next few years.  Sikh Giving started this project in August of 2007 and still [Feb, 2012] taking care of Jaswinder Singh and his mother’s monthly treatment cost. His current treatment cost ranges from R 10,000 to R 12000/month. A Gursikh family from Chandigarh on behalf of SikhGiving took care of financial sewa from 2008 till February 2012.