Global Sikh Giving


SG Mission

Our mission is to provide aid to impoverished Sikh families in Punjab. Our goal is to empower Sikh children through educational programs that teach leadership and self-help skills so that they may improve their future lives. Some of our future programs will offer donors a personal connection and unique bond with their hometown in Punjab.

SikhGiving has taken up a variety of projects ranging from helping poor families with the medical costs of surgeries to holding awareness camps to curb the menace to drugs in Punjab. In addition to these projects already being undertaken, Sikhgiving plans to do more projects to protect the environment, provide social and religious education to the rural masses. Our motto says it all and we prove it “It’s time to Give Back”

SG Distinctives

100 percent of Support Dollars Sent to the Field
When a donor sends in the monthly support for their missionary, nothing is deducted for administrative purposes – 100 percent is sent directly to the field for its intended purpose.

Focusing on the Unreached
Our focus and goal is to reach people who have never gotten a chance to get God’s love. In Punjab, there are over hundreds of villages which never seen or heard of Sikh Prachar.


Financial Accountability. 100% of what you give toward sponsorship goes to the field. (read more)